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FTLifeHackerThumb We all have moments in our daily lives when we think we are just going to lose it. Some days it seems that no matter how hard we try to be positive and maintain our composure, we just cannot win the battle. Perhaps these days start stringing together and turn into weeks-months-years. Enough already right?!?!

I am working on a book about our attitudes. On this page I am encouraging you, the visitor, to post comments about the various things, circumstances, or people that impact your attitude negatively.  I have my own ideas and categories already outlined, but will take additional input

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While you are working on your attitude, here’s a video with 10 of the unluckiest people in recorded history…I am not advocating taking pleasure in others’ pain, but there is something inherent that makes us feel just a bit better about our own situation.  I will cover that in the book!