By Eric Kneller

Today I…

  • Met a brilliant inventor in Boulder City and a Bitcoin millionaire
  • Set an appointment with another inventor in Las Vegas as referred to by the first with amazing technology in the water and energy sectors
  • Contacted several plumbers via the local BNI chapter site
  • Read 15 min
  • Talked w DH about the training slides, am going to make the first vid as a demo.
  • Downloaded and tested CamStudio – this time I didn’t bring in the malware (I hope!)
  • Got a name and # from BB for his pool guy – who I need to call tomorrow.
  • Talked with JC and learned more about bitcoin
  • Talked w RS – he had eye surgery and his sis in law is gravely ill in NJ – we are going to connect here soon for a meal
  • Reached out to the tour guide from the Sands, Rene, and asked him for a potable water contact on the properties.
  • Sent the rest of my WaterSense follow up emails requesting feedback on how we might work together
  • Helped Melvin get his RO tank pressurized, ordered his replacement sump canister
  • Went to dinner at Sicilian Caffe (yes there are 2 ff’s!) – I am still full
  • Downloaded some images for next t shirt designgun
  • Bought an Amazon affiliate WSO and created first blog post and got it ranking in google for niche dog lovers gifts

What do you think?

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